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Lab Information
Geballe Lab for Advanced Materials
476 Lomita Mall
McCullough Building, Room 016
Stanford, California, 94305
Phone: (650) 725-2047
Group Administrative Associate
Alice Lee
Geballe Lab for Advanced Materials
476 Lomita Mall
McCullough Building, Room 338
Stanford, California, 94305-4045
Phone: (650) 723-0223
Fax: (650) 724-3681


Directions to office:

For the entire campus map click here.

Take Highway 101 to Palo Alto, and exit on Embarcadero Rd. West (there should be a sign saying Stanford University second exit). Do not take the first Embarcadero exit. The second Embarcadero Road exit will loop around and go over the freeway. Take Embarcadero across El Camino Real, at which point it becomes Galvez Street, and you will be on Stanford's campus. Be in the left lane initially so you aren't forced to turn right on Arboretum, but do take your second right, onto Campus Drive East, a loop which goes all around campus.

Note: From 101N, the exit before Embarcadero is Page Mill, and the exit after is University.

Two options for parking:

  1. A very easy place to find is the Cantor Arts Center. As you drive down Palm Drive (by turning left from Campus Drive East) you will see signs for the Cantor Arts Center before you get to the Oval. There is visitor parking that can be paid with cash or a swiped credit card. You leave half the ticket on your dashboard and keep the other half (the part labeled receipt) for any expense documentation purpose.
    From the parking area outside the Cantor Arts Center, if you imagine yourself standing on the main steps of the Cantor Arts Center, turn right and walk South (note, it is actually 15 degrees west of due south, but anyway it is the direction parallel to Palm Drive that you just came in on. People think that El Camino runs north-south but it doesn't.) Walk south along Lomita Drive, past the Rodin sculpture garden on your right, past the Old Chemistry Building on your right, across Serra Mall where it turns into Lomita Mall, and the 5th building on your right after you cross Serra Mall will be McCullough.

  2. Campus Drive East turns into Campus Drive West when you pass Palm Drive. Go a few more "blocks" and then turn left on Panama Street, which only goes to the left. Shortly before Panama Street there will be some wide pedestrian crossings and Cogen, a small natural gas power plant with steam towers, to your left. After turning left on Panama Street and continuing about 500 ft, you'll see the large Parking Structure 2 on your left and parking lot L-25 on your right. If it's near 4 PM, you can park in pretty much any space defined by white lines (but not one with a meter). Walk east from the parking structure. You will pass Y2E2 and then Huang Engineering Center and McCullough is the 3rd building.