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The theses of the following former lab members are available online:



Ron Potok - Probing Many Body Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures.pdf



Charis Quay Huei Li - Electronic Transport in One-Dimensional Mesoscopic Systems.pdf



Hung-Tao Chou - Electron transport in low dimensional gallium nitride-aluminum gallium nitride heterostructure.pdf

Kathryn Todd - Transport Through Graphene Nanoconstrictions.pdf

Lindsay Moore - Novel devices for measuring interactions in quantum point contacts.pdf

Mike Jura - Imaging electron flow, interference, and interactions in high-mobility two-dimensional electron gases.pdf



Nimrod Stander- Transport measurements on graphene p-n junctions.pdf



Arash Hazeghi - Carbon nanotube electronics.pdf
(Co-advised, Advisor: Philip Wong)

Ileana Rau - Quantum coherence and interactions in quantum dots.pdf

Joey Sulpizio - Quantum transport in one-dimensional nanostructures.pdf

Nahid Harjee - Coaxial-tip piezoresistive cantilever probes for high-resolution scanning gate microscopy.pdf
(Co-advised, Advisor: Beth Pruitt)



Alexander Neuhausen - Charge transport in molecular junctions with soft contacts.pdf



Andrei Garcia - Mapping local disorder in graphene nanostructures.pdf

Matt Pelliccione - Local Imaging of High Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Systems With Virtual Scanning Tunneling Microscopy.pdf



François Amet - Novel phenomena driven by interactions and symmetry breaking in graphene.pdf



Andrew Keller - Emergent Symmetries In Quantum Impurity Experiments.pdf

Andrew Bestwick - Quantum Edge Transport In Topological Insulators.pdf



Menyoung Lee - Ballistic conduction in graphene heterostructures

Patrick Gallagher - Electrical, mechanical and optical characterization of two-dimensional materials with molecular overlayers


Trevor Petach - Hybrid ionic liquid - boron nitride gates for clean, high carrier density transistors

Sam Stanwyck - Electrolyte gating of nanoscale complex oxide devices



Lucas Peeters - Impurity quantum phase transitions in quantum dot nanostructures

Derrick Boone - Electrolyte biasing of the proximate kitaev spin liquid α-Ruthenium (III) chloride